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4 Tips for Making your New Hires Feel Welcome

4 Tips for Making your New Hires Feel Welcome

Starting at a new company in a new position can bring a lot of uncertainty and anxiety to a new hire. Often there are multiple concerns circling in their head including everything from where the coffee pot is to if they made the right decision in accepting your job offer. How a new employee feels at a company can carry throughout their entire time at an organization. Check out some of our favorite tips for making all your new employees feel welcomed in their first weeks at your company!


1. Have a Structured Agenda for the First Week

It can be difficult starting at a new company so to ensure your new employee feels welcome, be sure to have a structure first-day or even first-week plan in place. This can include breaking down everything from when they will get an office tour to who they are meeting with. Having a structured plan in place allows the company to be better prepared and shows the employee their arrival is welcomed and exciting to the organization.


2. Introduce the Employee to People Outside Their Department

One of the best ways to ease a new hire’s anxiety is to make sure they don’t feel alone in their new role. Nothing is worse than walking through an office and not know who anyone is. Whether they are part of a large team or a solo department, having employees of all job levels and departments welcome a new hire allows the person to feel more at ease in their new role. Current employees can be your biggest brand advocates and greatest resource when on-boarding a new hire.


3. Balance Existing Skills with New Knowledge and Projects

According to a review article published in the International Journal of Behavioral Science, it’s estimated that 70 percent of the U.S. population has experienced what’s known as impostor syndrome. Impostor syndrome often comes with a new or career milestone. “The term now applies to both male and female achievers who are psychologically uncomfortable with acknowledging their role in their success,” explains psychologist Dr. Renee Carr. “This psychological discomfort is often rooted in pressures — from self or others — to achieve great success.” In order to better support new employees, it’s a good idea to balance new projects and company-specific information with tasks that require skills they already are familiar with and confident about.


4. Take your New Employee to Lunch

While lunch may be part of your everyday routine at your company, the thought of lunch on your first day can be uncomfortable for someone new. Help your new employee out and take them out to lunch. It allows them to get to know you and other employees better in an environment outside of the office. You don’t have to go to a fancy lunch – even going to a local hotspot lets new hires feel more integrated into the company.

Everyone is nervous for their first day at a new company. How a new employee feels in their first weeks can determine how they view the organization long term. Employees can be a company’s greatest advocate so it is essential that organizations take the time to truly welcome them.



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