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5 Great Recruiting Agency Indicators

5 Indicators of a Great Recruiting Agency

Nowadays, recruitment agencies are an essential part of any job search. For job seekers and employers alike, a good recruitment service can make the hiring process that much easier. Finding a good recruitment agency, however, might not be so easy. When businesses invest in additional recruitment services they are looking to assure their recruitment needs are being taken care of. Industry expertise, reputation, relationship building, transparency, and past success are all markers of a good recruitment agency.

Industry Experience

While it’s not necessary to hire a recruitment agency with a “Pharmaceutical” or “Aerospace” only value proposition, clients will want to look for a company with employees who specialize in each sector. This industry expertise will make your chosen recruiter than much more effective since they will have existing contacts in each industry. Further, this will save time since they won’t contact candidates who don’t fit what you’re looking for.

Past Success

A good recruitment service should be proud of their past clients and past achievements. Showing exceptional results is not easy in the realm of professional recruitment. If your recruitment agency has public case studies with recommendations and testimonials, these provide more credibility than an agency with nothing to show for its work.

Agency Reputation

A competent recruitment service should be well-known for providing excellent services, especially in their target industry. An indicator of a stellar reputation is the recruitment agency’s employee retention rate. This statistic, showing how long recruited employees stay in their new positions, is how a good recruitment agency both shows and tells.


For an accomplished recruitment agency, the recruiting processes should be transparent to the client. The client, has the full rights to know what is happening throughout the recruiting process. You want to keep track of how many hours have been spent, how many candidates have been pre-screened, or where your job ads are posted. If any of this data is requested by the client, it should be readily available.

Build Long Relationships

Recruiters work in the “people business.” As such, they deal with a wide variety of people on a daily basis. A recruitment agency should have strong candidate relationships, knowing how to use every opportunity to network and transform this into business results. A recruitment service that is able to build relationships will be able to build trust and attract new job seekers with ease.

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