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7 Themes to Incorporate into your Wellness Program

7 Themes To Incorporate Into Your Wellness Program

Whether your company is just starting a wellness program or looking to spice up existing programming, it is a great idea to look into setting up a weekly theme in your program. It can help educate your employees on ways to improve their wellness while also addressing a variety of health and wellness areas. We came up with seven themes to help you get started.


1. Stretching

Sitting at a desk all day at work can be difficult for many. Equip everyone in your company with some easy stretches to part take in during their workday. Encourage them to stretch daily at their desk for 5-10 minutes. Hopefully, by doing so they will see the benefits of taking a quick stretch every now and then throughout the day.


2. Daily Water Intake

It is important to consume eight glasses of water every day for good health. There are many fun things to do with this theme for a week. Depending on the size of your organization, you can provide everyone with a water bottle to help him or her meet this goal during the day or encourage employees to download to track their daily consumption of water.


3. Ear Wellness

Ear wellness is an important topic to address in any industry. Give information on what to pay attention to if your ears may be bothering you. The most important thing to keep a watch for is the noise level of headphones. This is especially important for individuals who may use them throughout the day at work. Employers can encourage employees to set a limit on how high their device volume goes and to check their average noise exposure (most mobile phones offer this).


4. Eye Wellness

Dedicate a week to eye wellness in your program. Encourage your employees to get their eyes to check every year. In addition, look into the effects of what working with technology may be doing to your eyes. If you and your employees spend long periods of time on your computer or phone while at work, consider looking into blue light glasses and setting breaks throughout the day to stop looking at the screen.


5. Mental Health / Stress Relief

Sometimes work and life can get a bit stressful. Equip your team with ways to cope with the stress. Set up a meditation week to show your employees how a couple of minutes of relaxation may help them get through the day or offer resources for managing stress and anxiety.


6. Nutrition Week

In an office, many employees sometimes forget about nutrition. Make one week in your program nutrition-related. It can be as simple as providing healthy alternative options to snack on during the day such as fruits or granola bars. Encourage everyone to bring a healthier lunch to work. If nutrition is a long-term goal for your company, see if there are any companies in your area that provide healthy lunch options for companies or bring in catering sporadically.


7. Good Habits Planning

Help your employees develop good habits in the workplace. Encourage them to keep their office clean, set goals to break “bad habits” like smoking or not getting enough sleep, and identify ways to meet these goals.

There are many themes for your company to choose from when creating themes for your wellness program. Remember to focus on concepts everyone in your company could benefit from or enjoy being part of.



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