5 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Applying for jobs can be stressful when competing with hundreds of other applicants. One of the best ways to increase your chances of securing a job position is to improve your resume. Resumes help convey who you are not only as an applicant but also as a person. Here are some tips on how to […]

What Are Your Biggest Strengths And Weaknesses?

How to answer this common interview question without sounding doubtful or conceited. Interviewers have been asking this common question for decades and many potential employees still get hung up answering, even though they may know it is coming. When employers ask this question to potential employees, they are looking for a few things, and the […]

Preparing For Your Interview

Congratulations! You have secured an interview with a potential employer, and now it is time to prepare. The interview process can be stressful enough but doing some careful preparation can put you in the best possible position towards a successful interview outcome. Here are some helpful tips to consider whether it’s a phone, virtual, or […]

5 Simple Tips For Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency

2020 was an unpredictable year, and many were happy to see the calendar flip to 2021 with a promise of stability and a return to normality. As we cautiously approach our lives as we once knew them, now is a good time to reevaluate your recruitment partners or find a new job. Many companies are […]

Meet Our Office: Miami

Over the past couple of years, Amotec has grown to be a national leader in executive search and staffing solutions for clients of all sizes. We are proud of our ever-growing teams across the US and today we wanted to give you an inside look at our Miami office! We asked our team to give […]

How Amotec’s Services Benefit Clients

At Amotec, we are dedicated to providing the right solution for all your hiring pains. From not enough time, to not enough space to interview safely during COVID-19, our team is here to help your organization grow. Check out some of our most common solutions to our clients’ hiring headaches. If you struggle with working […]