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Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency With 5 Simple Tips

Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency With 5 Simple Tips

Many companies are seeking recruitment help for the first time to help augment their staffing levels to compete during the pandemic. On the flipside, I have spoken with too many candidates that, for the first time in their careers, are putting together a résumé and looking for a new job or career path.

But with over 20,000 staffing and recruitment agencies in the USA alone, how do you choose one that will represent your company or job search? Here are our five tips to making the right selection.

Do Research

One of the biggest complaints that hiring managers and candidates make is, “Every time I call in, I deal with someone new.” In finding the company that will best represent you, you’ll want to find one that is stable with low turnover.

Look online at their staff and see what their top recruiter and account manager tenure looks like. It is impossible to build any type of professional momentum or relationship with a company that cannot keep the same staff. Amotec just celebrated our 20th anniversary and many of our employees have been here for the entire time.

Meet Face-to-Face

This is crucial in building a professional relationship for both client and candidate. Video conferencing counts, and while it may save you time initially, nothing beats a good old-fashioned face-to-face meeting. This gives you a chance to meet with the representative and ask about the company and team you will be interacting with. We want to be safe in our interactions, but face-to-face meetings give you a chance to discuss expectations openly and honestly.

Test Market and Technical Expertise

No one wants to buy a car from someone who doesn’t know what a muffler is. The same should go for your recruitment partner. You probably spent years learning your craft in school and on the job – shouldn’t your recruitment partner know the industry you specialize in?

Someone who can’t understand what you need on a technical level won’t be able to truly be a partner to you, your team, or in your job search.

Be honest about your pain points and why you are reaching out

This year has presented a bevy of problems for clients and candidates alike. New challenges that companies have encountered cannot be solved with the same old solutions.  Recruitment and staffing firms like Amotec are poised to adjust to our clientele’s ongoing opportunities and designate a solution that will work. That cannot happen unless you are honest about the problems you may be facing.

Too many clients assume that the recruitment firm will be able to predict or know what a problem may be, and then get frustrated when the recruitment agency doesn’t live up to impossible expectations.  A recruitment firm that is doing right by the client or candidate should be an extension of that recruitment team or job search. Utilize that partnership to fill in spots where your company, or you may be lacking resources, time, or anything else, where holes may exist.

Pick someone you are comfortable with

Once you find the company that can help you in your recruitment efforts, or in finding a job – you’ll want to find the representative that you are comfortable with. When you do so, finding quality candidates or taking a positive next career step will be fun and productive. There is no better feeling in the world than being able to give a job offer to a candidate that was looking for a long time, or filling a hard to find role and celebrating wins with my clients. It’s one of the best things about this job, and can be one of the best things about your recruitment partnership as well.

Whether you are a job seeker trying to get yourself back out there or you’re an employer with a backlog of tasks, Amotec can help make a connection to get you back to working.

Give us a call or email us your résumé to get started today!



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