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Don’t Get Spooked! Working with a Recruiter: Myth vs. Fact

Don't Get Spooked! Working with a Recruiter Myth vs Fact

Halloween is fast approaching and we wanted to take time to address some of the myths we hear from candidates regarding recruiting agencies. When it comes to working with a recruiter, there are many misconceptions. Before collaborating with a recruiter to find your next career, it is important to understand how the process works and what you can expect to gain from it.


MYTH: Recruiters are only for unemployed people or people struggling with their job search.

FACT: These days, with the majority of the hiring process completed online, it can be hard to make a personal connection with the organization you’re looking to work for. Working with a recruiter can be an asset. Why add your resume to the stack of online applications when you can have it hand delivered directly to the hiring manager? Working with a recruiter gives you a direct path to the company’s hiring team.


MYTH: You have to pay a fee

FACT: As a job seeker, you should never pay any sort of fee to work with a recruiter. Agencies are paid by the companies who hire them to find great talent. It is in the best interest of the recruiter to find you a role where you will thrive and add value to an employer.


MYTH: Recruiters don’t care about establishing a relationship with their candidates.

FACT: Recruiting agencies are built around relationships and maintaining a strong professional network. We remember talented, friendly, and professional candidates and will likely want to assist that person later on in his/her career.


MYTH: Recruiters don’t really care what role they place you in, they just want to place you.

FACT: Recruiters take into careful consideration where a job seeker is in their career and exactly what they are looking for in their next role. Placing a candidate into a role they are not a fit for or interested in is a lose/lose situation for all parties involved.


MYTH: You’ll be paid less if you go through an agency

FACT: Agencies bill their clients a fee for services, the client establishes the salary and hourly rate, not the recruiter or recruiting firm.


As a candidate looking for a new career opportunity, working with a recruiter might be scary. By sharing these facts with you, it should help you find the right recruiter for you and provide clarity to the process. The next time a recruiter reaches out to you, try and build that relationship with them because they may be able to find your next career opportunity.



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