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Don’t Let Social Media Stop You From Getting Your Dream Job

Don’t Let Social Media Stop You From Getting Your Dream Job

Do you wonder if potential employers look at your social media accounts? The answer is yes! A potential employer may choose to look at your social media during the hiring process and, depending on what you post, it could have the potential to stop you from getting your dream job. Here are some, simple steps you can take to clean up your social media before starting the job search.


Remove Inappropriate Posts on your Social Media Pages

Take a couple minutes to scroll through all your social media accounts before starting the job search to see what you have posted in the past and get ahead of the game. Doing so allows you to see if a potential employer would choose to move forward with you as a candidate or hire you onto their team. If you come across something that an employer may find troubling, delete it from your profile. If the post happened to be on Instagram, you have the ability to archive the memory while removing it from your profile. It does not take that long to go through your social media, and it can save you from being rejected.


Posts About Past and Current Jobs

It is always a bad idea to post negatively about your job, colleagues or boss. The frustration that is shown on social media could be a red flag for a potential employer. If you have posted about your job or boss, delete those posts as soon as possible. Talking negatively about your employer and job shows future employer, you may not have the experience and maturity to work in their organization.


Controversial Topics

While social media is meant to be a personal platform, when you work for an organization, your personal opinions can be construed as the beliefs of the company as a whole, which can lead to customer, client and vendor complaints. While the company may love your skills and experience, if they anticipate trouble from what you post online, they may choose to not move forward.


Lock It Up

A great option for anyone to make his or her social media accounts private. Going private only allows approved followers to see your content, meaning no one can look up your account and find all your posts. Having a private account gives you more flexibility when seeking a job versus a public account where anyone can see your content.

Whether your social media accounts are public or private it is always best to put the best representation of yourself out there for others to see. Keep in mind even if you do delete these posts, they could still be out there, they will no longer be on your profile. If you were to keep the comments on your social media page, this could stop a potential employer from reaching out to about the position or moving forward in the interview process.



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