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Do’s and Don’ts After An Interview

Take the next steps after an interview.

Congratulations! You got through the interview process…the hard part is over!

As you are waiting to hear back from the hiring manager, you may be thinking, “what are the next steps to take?” Although it may not seem as important, following up after your interview is something that should not be overlooked.

Remember, other candidates are being interviewed for the position, you want to do all that you can to be memorable to the company and show you are excited about the opportunity. Take a look at some of our helpful tips for right and wrong ways to follow up with the hiring manager after the interview.


Send A Thank You Email

The first thing to do when the interview is over is to ask the hiring manager when you can expect to hear back from them. Their answer will help you determine when it is most appropriate to follow up.

After your interview, whether it be later that day or the day after, you should send a follow up email. Thank them for setting aside time to speak with you and reinforce that you are interested in the job. Briefly talk about what you could bring to the position if hired and how you plan to add to the company’s goals. Mentioning any details that you and the interviewer discussed will be more memorable and leave more of a personal touch.

Close your email by reiterating your appreciation for the interview. It should be short, sweet, and to the point.

Be Patient

Being overly pushy with multiple emails can hurt your chances of getting the job, so it is important to remain patient. If you haven’t heard back by the date they originally said they were going to reach out, don’t panic and send another email. The hiring process is difficult for hiring managers and can often take a bit more time than expected.

Give it about a week from the original date, if you still don’t hear from them, you can send a follow up email asking if there is any additional information they need from you, that you are still very interested in the position, and that you hope to hear back soon.


Continue To Contact

It is expected to follow up after the interview but sending multiple emails and overwhelming the hiring manager, can turn them off from you as a candidate.

If you have been told you are no longer being considered for the position, you should not continue to contact the hiring manager.

Stop Your Job Search

Don’t stop job hunting after one interview, you will never be able to predict what the hiring managers will do, and you don’t want to miss out on any other opportunities by putting your search on hold. Until you have been offered the position and accepted, nothing is official.

You also do not want to up and quit your job just because the interview went well. Remember, there are other candidates being interviewed and considered that may be a better fit for the role.

Ghost The Hiring Manager

In any part of the interviewing process, it is important to make sure you are not burning bridges, you never know when your paths may cross again in the business world.

If you are offered the job but have decided not to take it for any reason, do not ignore the hiring manager. It is important to let the hiring manager know your decision. Thank them for their time and the opportunity and explain that you have decided to go in a different direction. They will appreciate the honesty, and this helps them move forward in their hiring process. 



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