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Elements of a Strong Mission Statement

Elements of a Strong Mission Statement

Has your organization considered who might be reading your company’s mission statement? Whether it be a competitor, investors, employees, or candidates, it is important to have a clear and concise mission statement. Your mission statement should be succinct, it should inform and it should engage. When writing or reviewing your mission statement, it is essential to consider how you are addressing the following elements:


Who (your organization is)

Is your mission statement answering, “What is the purpose behind the company?” You want to make sure you are addressing new visitors who may not be familiar with your company. Rather than giving a long description, you want to think of this element as answering what your organization is trying to accomplish.


What (your organization does)

This element of your mission statement will break down what your organization does. Do you offer a product or service? Share insight on the primary market you are looking to reach. This is an essential element when trying to attract customers. You want to make sure anyone reading your mission statement understands what you offer.


Why (the organization was created)

Every company or organization is created to solve a problem. Use this idea to start your mission statement. Identify your brand’s “why?” Any employee or candidate will want to know why the organization was started, and why they should engage with the brand.

While your mission statement is not the longest piece of company-branded content your organization will have, it will likely be one of the most often viewed. You want to take the time and consideration to ensure your mission statement is accurate and effective.



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