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Five Places to Research a Company Before an Interview

Five Places To Research A Company Before An Interview

So you’ve got the interview, now what? When looking for your next opportunity it may feel like the goal is to just get a foot in the door but to bust that door open, it’s important to sell not only your resume but also your passion for that specific role. A great way to do that is to do background research on the company you are interviewing with. In order to get a genuine understanding and key takeaways to mention during your interview, it is important to read beyond the company’s “About Us” page. Here are five places to visit when researching a company before your interview.


Job Listing

The end goal is to get a job, so why not start with the job description? Before meeting the hiring team, be sure to review the job listing you are interviewing for. Highlight any responsibilities you know you have experience in already and make note of any areas you want to ask questions about. Examples may be how many people you would be working with or how your role fits into larger company goals.


Company News

A great way to show you are interested in joining a company is to be aware of any growth or changes within the company. Be sure to check out the press or news page of the company’s website to see what recent events have taken place. You can incorporate the news into any questions you have about the company’s future goals or as an ice breaker. Knowing more than what your job will be will show that you aren’t looking to just join any company.


Employee Reviews

Checking out the company’s employee reviews does not have to be a bad thing. It can give you ideas for questions to ask at the end of the interview, but it can also give you a heads up on any red flags you may want to be clarified before accepting a final offer. Sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Google Reviews can help you identify if there are any areas of concern that need clarification.


Social Media

Seeing how a company represents themself on social media can give you insight into their company culture as well as providing more talking points. A company’s social media can highlight everything from their blog and areas of expertise to their company culture and employee initiatives.


Third-Party Coverage

Finally, check and see if the company you’re interviewing with has been in the news in any other capacity. From acquisitions to the appointment of new leadership, it’s great to get an idea of any areas of change going on in the company currently.

When interviewing, it’s important to remember you are looking for a company fit just as much as the company is looking for a candidate fit. Taking the time to dig into a company will allow you to be prepared, show your interest in the company, and identify any areas you may want clarification on before accepting an offer.



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