At Amotec, we are dedicated to providing the right solution for all your hiring pains. From not enough time, to not enough space to interview safely during COVID-19, our team is here to help your organization grow. Check out some of our most common solutions to our clients’ hiring headaches.

If you struggle with working with too many services, multiple invoices and hours, managing contract employees and agency contacts, or which contract employee belongs to which service…


With Amotec, it feels as if we are onsite with you. With our Premier Recruitment Solutions, we can fill your volume (20-50 employees) openings while also streamlining your process. With just one invoice and one point-of-contact, we can free up your time to do more.

If you struggle with no accountability from your sales rep, multiple contacts from a vendor, or no one checking in with their contract employees…


From Day One, your Amotec contact, the Business Development Manager, will be the main point of contact throughout the entire recruitment process. From reviewing every candidate before presenting them to you to a 90-day follow-up, the BDM will learn your company’s needs from beginning to end.

If you struggle with not enough space at your location, an office space that is not COVID compliant for multiple interviews, or too many interviews to schedule at one time…


Amotec offers clients Employer-in-Office (EIO) space to hold interviews and internal job fairs. We take care of everything: space, advertising, and COVID-19 safety guidelines. You get confidentiality, more space, and the ability to interview and make offers on multiple candidates in a short time period.

Building relationships is what we do and it is reflected in the years of partnership with our clients and employees. We have a diverse set of clients who have relied on Amotec to fill their toughest positions throughout the years. If you and your team are struggling to fill your open roles, our team is here to help. 

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