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How to Effectively Communicate with your Team

How to Effectively Communicate with your Team

When working in a team – communication is key! Whether you are working from home or are back in the office, it is important to be able to communicate effectively with your team. We are sharing a couple of quick tips and tricks to keep an open line of communication.


Share Important Updates

Working in a team a lot takes place at a time and key information can get lost along the way. Remember to share important updates or changes as they could affect the work of others. Sharing information with the whole team will keep everyone on the same page and let them know what needs to be accomplished to succeed. Doing so may cause oversharing among the team, but it is about finding a method that works well for everyone.


Hold Regular Meetings

Be sure to schedule time to meet with the whole team on a regular basis. This is also a great time to share any updates or announcements. A weekly or biweekly touch base is an easy way to ensure the maximum attendance among the team depending on workloads and schedules. Keep in mind that too many meetings may become redundant and unproductive. A meeting that is short and informative for all is best.


Visual Goals

If you are back in the office, having some sort of visual in the common area of the team is a great resource. This allows everyone to see what is being worked on and what needs to be completed. Everyone may have different working styles but a visual representation of the tasks can be very helpful for many.

Whether you are familiar with working in teams or just getting started. These tips and tricks should help you get through any unknown speed bumps along the way. The most important part of communication in a team is finding what works best for your situation.



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