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How to Keep Morale Up After a Pandemic

How to Keep Morale Up After a Pandemic

In a workplace setting, having positive morale is going to keep your employees motivated to work to continue to give their best work and attention to the company. Maintaining positivity over the past year may not have been easy as in the past. We wanted to share a couple simple things to consider implementing in your workplace to help keep your office’s spirit up after a pandemic.


Celebrate the Little Things

This is as simple as acknowledging a coworker’s birthday by posting a birthday message on your company’s internal notification system or having the department bring in a cake during lunch. Bring something new to the workplace by celebrating a national food day that everyone in the office would enjoy, such as national coffee day or donut day. These simple things will go a long way to make someone feel appreciated.


Recognize Important Milestones

Take the time to recognize company goals, maybe your company is sales focused and hit its year-end goal sooner than expected, bring in a catered lunch to show everyone’s hard work paid off. If your company received an award this past year, take the time to thank everyone on your team for the work they did every day to have received this award for your company. Start an annual company ceremony to recognize the internal achievements employees have made throughout the year. Continuous recognition can lead to continued morale.


Dress Down Days

If you have a professional attire or business casual work environment, think about starting a casual Friday’s. Consider starting to allow employees to wear professional sports team apparel on opening day or for a playoff game later that day. You can even implement a “Dress for your Day” dress code to allow employees to dress more casually on days that are meeting-less.

There is no perfect answer to restoring morale in a post-covid-19 workplace, but taking the time to provide a little extra recognition and flexibility in the office is a great place to start.

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