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How to Make the Most Out of Working with a Recruiter

How To Make The Most Out Of Working With A Recruiter

When people think of recruiters, there’s often a couple stereotypes that come to mind. However, a recruiter’s job is to help guide you through the employment journey and into a new career. Often, a recruiter’s success is measured by the success of the candidates they put to work.  If you have the opportunity to partner with a recruiter for your next career search, don’t ignore it and go into the experience with an open mind. If you are looking to make the most of your experience, check out the below tips!


Be Accepting of a Recruiter’s Feedback

A recruiter has your best interest when presenting your resume to a company. They want to help you find what is right for you while also helping their clients fill their open roles. To do so, recruiters may offer feedback on your resume and interview style to help you put your best foot forward. Recruiters are in constant communication with their clients and therefore, a recruiter will know what they are looking for and expect in a candidate. Part of a recruiter’s job is to guide candidates with feedback and advice in regards to what their client is wanting from candidates. Try not to react defensively if a recruiter provides critiques or edits to your resume, but rather embrace the edits as an opportunity to get a foot in the door.  Even if the advice they are giving is for a specific job, you can use that advice to help you in your career search whether you continue to work with a recruiter or not.


Be Honest with the Recruiter

The best thing you can do for yourself and a recruiter is be honest with them. If you are currently not interested in a new job or do not think that the company is a good fit for you, let your recruiter know. They never want to put you in a situation your are not ready for or comfortable with. Like mentioned before, they want to make the best choice for all parties involved. When candidates don’t work out or fail to show up to a new job, it reflects on the recruiter so they want to make sure they are finding you a job you will excel at. Being honest about what you need in your career will help them find a truly good fit, rather than a job you won’t be happy in.


Trust the Recruiter

A recruiter has contacted you about a job that usually means they think you are a good fit for the job. When a recruiter contacts you, trust them to do their job. A recruiter is there to help you make the best representation of yourself to the client and they cannot effectively do that if you do not have faith in them. When working with you, they want to ensure that the job is on the career track you want, while also making sure you are a good fit for the company. A recruiter’s success is measured by the candidates they place so they won’t put you in a tricky or bad situation.


When working with a recruiter, it is important to remember they are doing everything they can to find the best job and company for you. Taking the time to work with, listen and trust your recruiter will help make the employment journey much smoother for you and the recruiter.



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