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How to Stay Motivated at Work During the Holidays

How To Stay Motivated At Work During The Holidays

The holidays can be a busy time of the year for many individuals. You are constantly thinking about all that has to be done beforehand, so staying motivated while at work can seem like a task. Here a few simple tricks to help you stay motivated in the workplace.


Plan out days to take off

The holidays can get hectic for anyone and throwing work into the mix can make it difficult to get everything done. Make a plan for yourself. If it seems like it can’t all be done deciding to take some time off work may help. This will give you time to focus on the holidays outside of work. Whether that is taking a couple of Fridays off during the holiday season to finish shopping for gifts or taking a day or two before a holiday to prepare.


Don’t Bring Your Home into the Office

This is often mentioned but difficult for many to do especially around the holiday. Try to keep your personal and professional lives separate around the holidays. Try to stop bringing the stress of the holidays into work with you. The same goes for not bringing work home during the holidays.


Follow a Schedule

It is important to make a schedule at work to ensure you accomplish everything you need to before the holidays. A schedule will help you stay on task and complete everything before a deadline. Doing this may help keep other co-workers motivated and on task by inviting them to a meeting through a calendar invite. By using a calendar, it is less likely a task will be missed or a meeting canceled or rescheduled because it was forgotten.


Make a Daily Agenda

Along with following a schedule. Every morning it takes a couple of minutes to make a daily agenda. This will show all your meetings for the day and any tasks you would like to complete by the end of the workday. This will also help you figure out what assignments may be on a deadline and what can be completed throughout the week.

It can be hard to stay motivated at work with everything that goes on around the holidays. This year it may seem more difficult to be motivated through the holidays. By sharing these tips we hope you can stay on task and get everything done before celebrating with your family this year.



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