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Meet Our Office: HQ Executive Search and Permanent Placement Team

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Over the past couple years Amotec has grown to be a national leader in executive search and staffing solutions for clients of all sizes. We are proud of our ever-growing teams across the US and today we wanted to give you an inside look at our Executive Search and Permanent Placement Team at our headquarters in Cleveland! We asked our team to give us a little insight into what makes their job special!

Office Location: 1701 East 12th Street Suite 103, Cleveland, OH 44114

What industries does your office specialize in?

“Our team specializes in direct recruiting on permanent full-time positions related to manufacturing, engineering, operations, sales and IT with clients across the country.”

Best part of working in Downtown Cleveland?

“Being downtown and seeing all the activity in non-Covid times.”

“Nothing beats walking through downtown Cleveland during the holidays or walking through East 4th Street in the summertime.”

“Being downtown where there always seems to be something going on!”

What community giving does your office engage in?

“We support our military, animal rescue and underserved communities.”

“Volunteering and giving to various charities like Cleveland Food Bank, Wounded Warrior Project and local schools.”

Favorite thing about your office?

“Our recruiting teams are excellent with many years of experience and we make it a lot of fun.

“There are many after work activities, and once the restrictions for Covid are lifted, I am looking forward to the Color Run and Volleyball again.”

“My co-workers and the culture in the office.”

Favorite Local Spot:

“Li Wah and Susy’s Deli”

“Marble Room or The 9 for lunch.”


Fun Facts/Something Unexpected

“Our two managers have over 60 years of recruiting experience between them.”

“There is a strong collaborative environment driven by our manager, Dennis George. He has a refreshing ‘leave no man or women behind’ mentality.”

Last Thoughts:

“We work hard, take our search assignments seriously from our clients, but we also have a lot of fun while we are working on them!”

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