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New Year Resolutions for the Advancement of Your Career

New Year Resolutions For The Advancement Of Your Career

Every New Year, we all make resolutions of personal growth that we would like to see in the coming year. Along with making personal resolutions this year, take time to make a career-minded resolution for the year. Here are some workplace-related resolutions to help aid in the advancement of your career.


Expand Your Skill Set

One way to aid in the advancement of your career is to build upon your existing skill set. Identify areas in your work you may struggle with or a new skill that will be beneficial to your career journey long term. Whether it be a software certification or a training course on public speaking, many platforms offer courses to build skills or receive a certification. In 2021, advancing your career is now just a click away!


Establish Goals

The New Year is a great time to set short and long-term goals for your career that you would like to accomplish in the coming year. Make sure your goals are relatable to your current position or where you want to see yourself in the next few years. Set goals that are attainable, realistic, and measurable. A goal could be getting a certification that is required to advance your career or exceeding sales goals set by your supervisor.


Grow your Network

Growing your network can pay off in the long term. With networking, you can connect with professionals in a similar position or industry as well as those in leadership roles. A bonus to networking is that you may connect with an individual that would like to mentor you throughout your career. A mentor helps you advance your career, while also being a resource to run questions and ideas by.



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