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Perks of Working With A Recruiter

Perks of Working With A Recruiter

When it comes to working with recruiters, there are many stereotypes and myths. We want to break those stereotypes and give insight into what it can be like to work with a recruiter. We have asked our recruiter’s to give us reasons why a candidate should work with a recruiter. Our recruiters who have an average of 10 years experience in the recruiting industry have answered the call.


“It can give you insight on how to interview better with a particular client.” – Dave Brooks

A recruiter is constantly in contact with their client. The recruiter can have a great relationship with the client, and will know what they are looking for. A recruiter will be able to provide tips and tricks to target specific things they know the client is looking for to help.


“We take the time to learn about your background and career goals to align you with the right opportunity.” – Liz Gooding

A recruiter is going to build a relationship with the candidate in the short amount of time they are working to fill an opening. A recruiter will understand what the candidates want and don’t want in a job, then match the best opportunity to the skill set.


“It’s similar to a concierge service for job opportunities.” – Patricia Duff

“You have access to more and sometimes unlisted job opportunities when you’re working with a recruiter.” – Jon Bonacci

A recruiter has access to all the jobs their company is working with. A recruiter can have a job that is listed for everyone on the internet to see. Recruiters are working on unlisted or confidential openings for their client. Recruiters will have multiple similar roles out at any given time.


“We are able to provide feedback after the interview on areas of improvement for the candidate.” – Maggie Ridley

Sometimes companies can’t, won’t or don’t give feedback to a candidate following an interview. This can be extremely frustrating during the job search. Often, the client will give the recruiter feedback on things that went well and didn’t go well during an interview. Recruiters will be able to share detailed information on how to improve for future interviews.


“We work directly with the hiring manager so your resume doesn’t just go in a pile.” – Liz Gooding

After applying for a position, it can turn into a waiting game whether the company will contact with a rejection or next steps. With a recruiter the waiting is much shorter. The recruiter will directly submit resumes to the hiring manager and be able to get candid feedback. Recruiters have strong relationships with hiring managers and can be an advocate for candidates they believe fit the role.




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