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Quick Tips to Make the Most Out of a Short Work Week

Quick Tips To Make The Most Out Of A Short Work Week

With the holidays quickly approaching, many employees find themselves with condensed workweeks. Have you ever found that a short workweek is more difficult to navigate than a regular workweek? If you feel unproductive or find planning a short workweek is difficult, you are not alone. It can be hard knowing how to start your week; they seem to take place the most around the holidays. This time of year deadlines are fast approaching and projects can seem more complicated than ever. Here are a couple of simple tips to help make the most out of your next short workweek.


Make a Plan

Planning your week will help you remain on task and complete everything that needs to be done.


Take Breaks

Remember to take breaks occasionally so you don’t get burned out during the short work week.


Diversify your Workload

Do not focus on just one large project that could take up the week. Rather work on various tasks throughout the week to keep you motivated and change up your pattern.


Schedule Meetings

Use calendar invites to schedule meetings so nothing is forgotten in the short week. With others taking time off around the holidays; it’s important that all essential meetings are scheduled in advance.


Follow a Daily Agenda

Make an agenda for your day whether it is timed out for the day or a to-do list of tasks that have to be done. It will help keep you on task and ensure everything is done by the end of the day.


Take Trainings

If a short work week means a similar workload for you, take time to brush up on your skills by taking a webinar or online course.


“Spring” Clean your Digital & Physical Workspace

The holidays and shortened work might mean you have gaps of available time. Instead of scrolling on your phone, use the “free” time to get organized by updating files, doing inventory, or cleaning up your LinkedIn.



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