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Recruiting 101 – Terminology

Recruiting 101 - Terminology

Amotec recruiters focus on finding the top talent for our clients, but what does that look like. In this mini blog series Recruiting 101, we will breakdown different aspects of a recruiter’s job. In this first part, we wanted to share some of the most common terms used by recruiters for internal and external use, here at Amotec.



– The position or job that is available



– The individual being contacted or considered for a potential position or being placed on an assignment.



– A person that has been through the application process and is available for an assignment.



– The person or company that is in need of Amotec’s services.


Cold Calls

– Recruiters may call potential candidates who are not in our internal database who may be looking for a job by using external resources to find available candidates.



– The process of reviewing a person’s skill set and determining where their tangible and intangible skills will make them a successful fit. This process could take place over the phone or in person.


Job Board

– A website where jobs can be posted for applicants to apply and hold resumes of potential applicants.


Job Order

– The description from the client of what job requirements are needed to successfully perform a job. This would include education, physical ability, and dress code requirements



– A formal presentation of a job applicant’s education, skills, and work experience. Learning the terms of recruiting can be a bit confusing but once you know it, you are ahead of the game.



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