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Since Amotec was founded in 2000, we have strived to embody our tagline, recruiting with integrity. But what exactly is “recruiting with integrity”? We have broken down what recruiting with integrity is as a company and asked Amotec employees what recruiting with integrity means to them.

Recruiting with integrity is learning the client and the candidates needs and respecting them. It is understanding the culture of our client and seeing how a candidate we find would fit into that culture. In knowing the culture of a client, we know what our client is looking for in a candidate and know how to present that to the candidate. When talking to a candidate, we describe the position and company culture of the organization in detail to give them the best understanding of what the role looks like, benefits, and the salary. During the recruitment process, we stay in close contact with our clients and candidates to ensure it is a true match.

For our clients, it is important to stay in contact with them so we can hear their feedback throughout the whole hiring process. At Amotec, it is about going beyond their expectations by ensuring the candidate is the best fit for our client and everyone on their team. As a recruiting firm, we are in the business of finding the perfect match for our clients. Finding the perfect match for a client can be time consuming when trying to find a candidate that fits so well within that company culture. That is why as a recruiter it is important to get to know the candidate. “I like to get to know my candidate’s more about their background and where they are looking to go in their career,” said one Amotec executive recruiter, “I don’t just match resumes to jobs”. This allows for the recruiter to understand the skills and career goals and best match them to a client.

It is more than just finding the best candidate and most skilled candidate for the job. It is about remaining honest throughout the whole recruitment process. One of Amotec’s recruiters could not have said it better, “I work very hard to complete a clients’ search assignment doing it in the most ethical, honest and professional manner from start to finish.”

Not only are we following up with our clients, but we also stay in close contact with candidates. Just as we inform our clients on progress or changes, it is just as important to keep the candidate informed on what is happening in the recruitment process. You want the candidate to know you are doing everything you possibly can to get them the right job, so they don’t lose interest in working with you. “We follow up with our candidates no matter what the feedback is, and we speak honestly about their job prospects and the opportunities that we have available,” said one of our staffing recruiters. We would not be doing our job with integrity if we didn’t keep an open and honest dialogue with our candidates.

Recruiting with integrity is more than a tagline at Amotec. Every day, we aim to provide the most successful candidate and client matches. For the past 20 years, we’ve strived to embody our tagline and we will continue to do so for the next 20 years and beyond.



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