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Resume Tips: 5 Verbs You Should Be Using

Resume Tips 5 Verbs You Should Be Using

At times, figuring out what to put on your resume can be difficult. From formatting to word choice, you want to create a resume that catches the recruiter or hiring manager’s attention. When building your resume, look to use action verbs. Finding the right verbs to start a job description can make a huge difference. By using an action verb, it will highlight the achievement, skill, or experience to whoever is viewing it. Here are five verbs you should be using in your resume to make it stand out to a hiring manager or recruiter.



Instead of: Discussed, Talked, or Communicated

Use collaborated on your resume for any action that may have been performed while working with others on your team or in a different department to complete a task.



Instead of: Managed

Use coordinated to describe a project, task, or assignment that you were the main point of contact for or had control over.



Instead of: Created or Began

Use implemented on your resume for anything that you might have started in your role that is beneficial to the company or made your role more efficient.



Instead of: Counted

Use measured for any analytical or mathematically task performed in your role that dealt with a quantity or accomplished a numerical goal.



Instead of: Led

Use motivated to show how you did more than just lead your team. Motivated puts more meaning behind the description of how you led your team.

Extra Tip:

Always include numbers and data to back up your position description.

Example: Instead of saying “increased sales by cold calling” say “leveraged a variety of sales tactics to increase profit by x% over one year.”



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