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Spring Cleaning your LinkedIn Profile

Perks of Working with a Recruiter

Move over coat closet, this year add your LinkedIn profile to your spring cleaning list. Setting aside some time to review your profile gives you the opportunity to update your information and ensure everything on your profile is accurate. Going through and checking your profile helps you put the best representation of yourself out there for others to see.

Make sure that your contact information is up-to-date

Having an updated email gives others the chance to contact you regarding new job opportunities or connections.


Customize your LinkedIn URL

LinkedIn makes it easy to customize your URL. Customizing your URL is highly recommended for all LinkedIn users for the following reasons:

It boosts the credibility of your profile to those outside of your network and makes it easier for the public to find your profile.

It gives your LinkedIn URL a much cleaner look than the generic URL LinkedIn provides. Once you customize your URL, you want to share it on your resume or a professional website you have.


Update or add your profile photo

Your photo is one of the most important features of your LinkedIn profile. If you do not have a photo on your profile or have an outdated photo, now it the perfect time to change that. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Make sure your photo is a professional. You are trying to show others your professional achievements. Keep in mind; it is best to use a photo that only features you. Using a picture with multiple people is unprofessional and it makes it difficult for anyone outside of your network to know who you are.

The best photo to use on your profile is a headshot. Often times, job fairs or your company may offer a day to get your headshot you can also ask someone in your network to help you get a professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile.

Ensure that your photo is no more than two years old.


Check your headline, summary and experience

These are essential elements of your LinkedIn profile so you want to keep them as updated as possible. Make sure your headline lists your current position. This gives others the opportunity to see the current company you work for and title you hold.

Check your summary to ensure that the information best describes your overall experience and achievements. Remember to review your summary for any grammatical errors.

After reviewing your summary, you want to look at the “Experience” section of your profile. Take time to review and edit all current and past positions. LinkedIn allows every user to link their job roles within the same company. Take advantage of this feature, because it shows the progress you have made with your company.



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