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Three Ways to Professionally Grow While Looking for Work

Three Ways to Professionally Grow While Looking for Work

The idea of looking for work may seem daunting when you are starting but, do not let it stop you from achieving your career goals. While you look for a new job or career there are many things you can do to grow professionally from improving your skill.


Online Courses

Nowadays you can find an online course for almost any career, so identify a topic that interests you, and will also be beneficial to your current job and future career aspirations. If you have financial limitations, check out free online courses. Here are a few of our favorite webpages to attend an online course:


edX was founded by Harvard and MIT. These courses can be accessed from anywhere at no cost to you.

LinkedIn Learning

While the LinkedIn Learning platform is not free, you are able to try LinkedIn Learning free for 30 days. During the trial, all courses are of no cost to you.



Attend a webinar relevant to your industry, position, or a topic that interests you. If you are uncertain of where to find a webinar, many colleges host webinars for current facility and staff, students, alumni, and the public. Along with colleges, many large companies host webinars, oftentimes these are more specific to their industry, but it is a great way to learn what is happening in the industry or trend that is expected to take place over the next year.



As an individual looking for work, you could never go wrong with networking. Look for individuals in your industry or on the same career path as you. Networking allows you to grow and learn from what others have done. Be sure to have your elevator pitch perfected, and start reaching out. Finding new people to connect with may end up giving you an opportunity you never imagined for yourself.


It is never too late to want to grow professionally in your career. While looking for work, be sure to continue to improve your professional skill set. You may discover a career path or opportunity you would not have otherwise.



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