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Type of Services Amotec Offers

Type Of Services Amotec Offers
Amotec was founded in 2000 to help you find the right talent for your open positions. To be an effective partner, Amotec assesses talent, manages, and executes the entire recruitment process to give our clients a competitive edge. We offer permanent placement, contract-to-hire, and long-term contract options on a national scope.In order to know how working with an agency can help your company, it is important to understand how to differentiate between the different types of recruiting and staffing services available.

Executive Search & Permanent Placement

Executive search and permanent placement include finding highly qualified candidates for anything varying from manager level to an executive suite position. Amotec can provide a full array of executive search and permanent placement services to our clients. Our team helps our clients with anything from candidate research to a full-cycle recruitment process. Our direct sourcing experts can find the best talent in the following fields: accounting and finance, engineering and manufacturing, human resources, logistics, sales and marketing, and information technology. They help clients in all industries across the nation fill their most important positions.

Staffing Solutions

Our staffing solutions offer you the ease of volume recruiting without the hassle and expense that comes from hiring and onboarding. Amotec offers innovative solutions to fill all your positions including skills testing, pre-employment screenings, and employee benefits. Our staffing division can provide volume hiring and scalable solutions through our innovative recruitment technology. Our team helps our clients fill a number of open positions. Some of the positions we frequently fill are administrative, call center, energy, engineering, healthcare, industrial, and technical. Amotec saves you time, money, and energy by using our resources: We can reduce the amount of time you spend on jobs because we will handle all aspects of finding and interviewing the candidate. We can save money by using our advanced tools and research software. Finally, we save you from having energy by providing a recruitment schedule and our full-cycle recruitment process.

Medical Staffing

Our medical staffing team fills your open positions with qualified candidates for both office roles and in the field, including nurses or pharmacists. Amotec’s medical staffing division specializes in hospital, in-home, and in-suite patient education and care coordination across the nation. Our talent network of nurses’ work as extensions to physician’s offices and provide clinical competence and comprehensive services to patients. Often the nursing services provided are but not limited to; compliance and persistence program, comprehensive infusion services, patient assessment, and plan of treatment development.

Logistics Staffing

Our logistics division specializes in filling positions with qualified candidates who have a background and skill set compatible with jobs in your organization’s supply chain. Amotec’s team has extensive experience in international trade, transportation, and logistics industries. Just like our staffing solutions, we offer skills testing and pre-employment screening services. Our team has filled many positions in the industry, including air and ocean coordinators, import/export operations, logistics coordinator, and vessel planning. We are successful in logistics staffing due to our partnerships with air carriers, freight forwarders, shippers, third-party logistics providers, just to name a few. A lot of our success in logistics comes from having an office in a high demand-supply chain area in Miami, FL.

IT Staffing

IT staffing is able to fill a large variety of IT positions ranging from help desk and entry-level to advance or senior IT administrators. Our IT staffing division is dedicated to providing educational and comprehensive solutions across the IT industry. The recruiting team has extensive experience finding the top professionals through identifying, screening, and presenting the candidate to your organization. No matter your organization’s size or IT needs, our specialized team can source and screen the perfect candidate for your company. We help fill all levels of project management, infrastructure, and application development.

National Staffing

Our national staffing division provides the same solutions as our local staffing teams, but on a national or multi-location scale. National staffing is done on a much larger scale to fill an open position for national companies across the U.S. Our national staffing division provides innovative solutions to meet all your employment and hiring needs across the U.S. This team manages and executes the recruitment process at all your locations. This ensures the quality from location to location is consistently giving you a competitive edge across the whole company. We specialize in national recruiting for the aerospace, agricultural, automotive, industrial, and manufacturing industries.At Amotec, finding the top talent for all your hiring needs is our top priority. Our specialized teams of recruiters allow us to recruit beyond just a job description with expertise across industries and job titles. Amotec can give you a competitive edge when it comes to attracting, and retaining top talent. Get started with us today!



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