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What are Your Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses?

What are Your Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses?

“What are your strengths and weaknesses?” Interviewers have been asking this question for decades. The answer employers are looking for has more to do with the thought process behind it, than the answer itself.

Choose a strength that coincides with the role you are interviewing for

If you are applying for a role as an accountant, the employer will not want to hear about how you are an amazing swimmer and athlete. Although that may be something you’re proud of, it doesn’t really help you be a better accountant.

Look at the job description and pick something that will help you succeed in the job

Matching your strengths to the job can set yourself apart from other candidates. If you are applying for a job and don’t have all skills required – picking a strength that highlights your soft skills can help supplement your candidacy. 

Clearly explain how your strength relates to the job

Does the role require interaction with customers? Is it technical? Does it require creativity? Start by answering the question with a part of the job you feel your strength will benefit.

“I see that this role requires record keeping, and I know one of my greatest strengths is attention to detail. In my past professional roles, my detail-oriented focus helped everyone on the team stay organized and contributed to our overall success.”

The same rules apply when picking a weakness, as a strength

Employers are looking to see if you are qualified.  They are also looking for indicators that you can be trusted to handle all new tasks and challenges. Your honest self-assessment could go a long way.

Find Your Weaknesses 

Take a look at the job description again and pick a weakness that you may have, against a skill set that may be required. How does that weakness effect this role? and most important – what have you done to overcome that weakness? Using an example will show your personality, thought process, and how you are prepared for anything!

“I struggled with Organization, and it is a key part of this role. I’ve taken steps to improve; including time blocking my calendar, using time each day to clean my workspace, and make To-Do lists which have increased my attention to detail and productivity.”


Being asked to brag, or be humble can be weird, but it is no different than being confident about your other professional skills, and honest about what you want to work on in your next role. 

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