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Have you ever had several agencies working for you and wish you could only have one good agency solve all of your labor needs?

  • We can handle all of your other staffing agencies for you, giving you one point of contact.
  • Only receive one invoice instead of multiple invoices.
  • If you have questions or concerns about an associate belonging to any other agencies, we will be able to answer them.
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Amotec is at the forefront of all leading technologies in the industry

  • Amotec’s website deploys a Robo Recruiter that captures any person who visits.
  • Our unique Text Bot can send a text to over 1000 candidates for a specific opportunity. We do this by using multiple databases of our own and some of the top career websites in the field.
  • A Geofence can be set around a physical area for clients with a high volume requirement. Potential candidates will then see an ad displayed on their phone after being placed in the Geofence. This advertisement will target individuals about the opportunity in their area.

Onsite Interviews

There are offices where we conduct onsite interviews for organizations in the areas we serve. We believe some practices cannot be replaced by technology, and this is one of them.

  • We are able to fully explain your opportunity while fielding any questions in person.
  • By spotting any physical cues, we ensure your employees will be engaged.
  • Amotec interviews every candidate in person. Our goal is to properly prepare your candidate for their first day at work.
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All of us are fishing for candidates in the same pond. However, our employees’ tenure in this industry distinguishes us from our competitors.

  • Our Management team has a collective of over 90 years in the industry.
  • We are able to understand the skilled labor pool (welders, CNC machinists, mold setters, etc.).
  • In order to fully understand whether candidates fit into your organization’s culture, we know the right questions to ask.

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