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Working With A Recruiting Agency Myth vs Fact

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Don’t be haunted by your hiring needsWork at Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, we wanted to highlight some of the scariest myths we hear from companies about recruiting agencies. There are many misconceptions about recruiting agencies and the hiring industry. Before collaborating with a recruiting agency for your hiring needs, it is important to understand how the process works and what you can expect.

MYTH: Recruiters do not care about establishing long-term relationships with clients.

FACT: Agencies are built around relationships and maintaining a strong professional network. We seek talented, friendly, and professional candidates for our clients. We want to assist our clients with all their hiring needs no matter their industry, company size or current hiring needs. 

MYTH: Recruiters do not really care what role they are working, they just want to place the candidate

FACT: Good recruiters take into careful consideration where a job seeker is in their career and exactly what they are looking for in their next role to ensure they are a good fit for the client. Placing a candidate into a role they are not a fit for or interested in is a lose/lose situation for all parties involved.

MYTH: Recruiters are only for unemployed people or people struggling with their job search.

FACT: These days, with the majority of the hiring process completed online, it can be hard to make a personal connection with candidates looking for a true career opportunity. Working with a recruiter agency can be an asset. Why continue taking the time to go through stacks of resumes when you can have candidates’ resumes delivered directly to the hiring manager? Working with a recruiter gives you time to focus on your other job duties rather than trying to fill multiple job openings.

MYTH: It will cost you more than hiring on your own

FACT: Using a recruiting agency for all your hiring needs will help cut down on the hidden cost of hiring. These hidden costs could be time being spent, the cost of finding the right candidate, and the energy used by your team to get through the hiring process. Agencies also have access to extensive tools including AI for sourcing candidates, state-of-the-art skills testing and an overall larger hiring budget for advertising and screening. Using a recruiting agency will help cut these hidden costs, saving you time, money and energy in the long run.

It is important to know all the facts when starting the journey to finding a recruiting agency that works well for your company. Remember to build a foundation with the agency based around communication for the partnership to work.





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