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Incredible Companies Founded Before 1776

Incredible Companies Founded Before 1776

Everyone knows 1776 as the year we founded The United States of America by declaring our Independence from England. But did you know there were companies founded BEFORE the U.S. was born? Some of them are still thriving today. You may have interacted with them and not even known their amazing historical background. Here are just a few:

Smiling Hill Farm Founded in 1720

Smiling Hill Farm was founded in the 1720s by the Knight and Westbrook family. It has 500 acres and is located in Westbrook Maine. The 12th generation descendants of the Knights and Westbrooks still run the farm today. The acreage has been split between the Smiling Hill Farm and Hillside Lumber, Inc., both owned by the family. The Smiling Hill Farm produces milk, ice cream, cheese, and yogurt. It is also home to their Silvery Moon Creamery, which produces artisanal cheese.

Smiling Hill Farm and its owners are committed to treating their land and surrounding environment with respect. The milk they produce is bottled in reusable glass bottles. The Knight/Westbrook family uses the whey from their cheese to feed their pigs, they are against the usage of chemical fertilizers, and seek alternative forms of energy in whatever ways they can apply them. With over 300 years of experience, this farm proves sustainable practices are enduring practices.

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Caswell-Massey Founded in 1752

Caswell-Massey was founded by Dr. William Hunter in 1752, under the name, Dr. Hunters Dispensary. Caswell-Massey was the first fragrance-apothecary company in America and their first shop was located in Newport, Rhode Island. Dr. Hunter gave some of the first anatomy and surgery lectures in, what was then, the Colonies in 1755. Dr. Hunter also invented Orange Soda, which helped soften the taste of his medicine for his customers. Caswell-Massey’s most famous repeat clients include, George Washington, John F. Kennedy, Cole Porter, Alla Nazimova, John Denver, and The Rolling Stones.

In 1752, as well as Today, Caswell-Massey has been committed to clean practices, noting that ingredients that are good for us are also good for the planet. Their products do not contain parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. Caswell-Massey is also cruelty-free, which is very important for any fragrance or cosmetics company. Their sandalwood fragrances are sustainably sourced, and their Rose Water is just that, roses distilled in water. 271 years later, we still get to enjoy Caswell-Massey products.

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Baker’s Chocolate Founded in 1765

Baker’s Chocolate was founded in 1764 by John Hannon and Dr. James Baker under the name, Walter Baker & Company. In 1779, John Hannon mysteriously disappeared during a trip to the West Indies. His wife, Elizabeth Gore Hannon, sold his share of the company to Dr. James Baker in 1780, making him the sole owner. Until 1856 Baker’s Chocolate only sold drinking chocolate (chocolate that you add to a drink).

In 1927, the company was sold to Postum Cereal Company which would later become General Foods. In 1957, a recipe for German Chocolate Cake was published in a Dallas, Texas newspaper; Baker’s Chocolate was the star ingredient and the inspiration for the new desert. In 1989, General Foods was bought by Kraft Heinz, officially making Baker’s Chocolates a Kraft product.

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