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Easy Resume Spring Cleaning

Easy Resume Spring Cleaning

It is spring cleaning season which means it is the perfect time to clean up your resume as well! Throughout your career it is easy for your resume to become messy, similar to that drawer or closet you might have that is filled with clutter. Here are some tips for getting the best resume possible for you and your career.


To get started, get rid of irrelevant skills and/or jobs. As a general rule you should only show what you have most recently done in your career. Having information that is 10-15 years old is not beneficial. You should include relevant experience relating to what you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a position in marketing you can remove information on a childcare job you had in the past.

Make sure to include work that displays your current skills the best. It may be hard to remove information that you are proud of, but try to keep in mind that not all experience/skills are needed to portray how qualified you are for a specific job.

In With the New

The next part of sprucing up your resume is changing your points of interest. Having more specific details about a skill shows what you bring to the table. Putting a measurement on a skill is a big selling point for yourself. For example, instead of putting, “Served on a Marketing Team for 2 years” you could put “Increased engagement across multiple platforms by 56%, reduced re-work by 30% by using automation.”

After editing down and rewording, it is time to add your most current information you might have forgotten about. You might be able to add other skills to your resume by reviewing what you currently have.

Show Your Strong Points

Last but not least, review your document to see what is missing. Taking into consideration what the job you are applying for is now, how will your resume reflect you are qualified for the job? Try to identify what you can add from your experiences to show you possess the experience, knowledge and skills needed.

If you are missing the skills needed for a job, consider getting more experience, whether that is through your job now or taking a class. A newly certified skill can greatly enhance your resume and give you an edge over your competitors.

For more tidy up tips and tricks check out our blog Complete Resume Clean Up and Indeed.



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