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IT Recruiting and The Job Market

IT Recruiting and The Job Market

With the ever-changing digital landscape becoming more and more essential to businesses of all shapes and sizes, the need for top technical talent continues to grow.

In the past months, companies have scrambled to identify talent while continuing to adapt to the new digital workday.

According to LinkedIn’s Economic Graph, Software Engineer was the top trending job title across all industries in the United State for May – July 2020 with JavaScript being the #2 most important skill for the top trending jobs across all industries in all regions of the US for the three months ending in July 2020. It’s clear that the need for skilled technical talent is not slowing down. For companies facing a need for IT talent, a recruiting agency may be the most efficient choice.

The need for embedded software architects, and engineers has sky rocketed as well.  Embedded systems have started to become extremely complex. The big push to connect every device to the internet to create the IoT is causing a demand for embedded software engineers that has not yet been seen in recent history. This big push is causing a natural vacancy in which companies are not able to find enough qualified embedded software engineers.

Our IT recruiting team has extensive experience in finding the top professionals in all levels of project management, infrastructure and application development. Our experience working with industry leading aerospace, medical and automotive companies make us the perfect company to find both enterprise and embedded software engineer resources. We are able to identify, screen and present talent for your client’s project, contract-to-hire and full-time positions.

Our team has a proven record of success placing candidates in all level of the technical process including:



  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Analysts/ Testers



  • Full Stack Software Engineers
  • UX/UI Design
  • Java Developer
  • Web Developer



  • IT Help Desk (all tiers)
  • Network Administrators / Engineers / Architects
  • Information Security Engineers 


Our specialized recruiters understand the intricacies of matching talent with company culture and job requirements. Your organization can’t wait to adapt, let Amotec help find you the right person to grow your organization.



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