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Spring Cleaning Your LinkedIn Profile Part 2

Spring Cleaning Your LinkedIn Profile Part 2

It is that time of year again! Time to spruce up your LinkedIn profile. Last year, we shared about adding your LinkedIn profile to your spring cleaning list. We wanted to remind you of these topics and add to them because you always want to put the best representation of yourself out there for others to see.

In Spring Cleaning Your LinkedIn Profile, we discussed making sure all your contact information is correct and up to date, how to customize your LinkedIn URL to make you stand out to a recruiter or employer, and that your profile should have a photo and it should be a professional headshot. You may be thinking what else could you add to this, but we have more!


Check Your Connections

Look to see whom you may not have connected with on LinkedIn over the past year. Since last year, your job role may have changed or the company you work for doubled in size. It is never about how many connections an individual may have but the quality of whom they are connected with. Ensuring you are connected with as many colleagues as possible is a great way to grow your network and theirs.



Make sure your education is up to date. For some, taking a look at their education may not be a concern, but for others, this may be an important change. For those in the process of earning a new degree or possibly just starting their education, this is a great update to make on your LinkedIn profile.


Update Your Skills

Throughout the past year, your skills may have changed or evolved. Check over your skills to make sure they are accurate and include everything you know how to do. A skills section is different for everyone. A recruiter or potential employer looking at your profile may like to see what skills you know, so it is important to look it over.

Every LinkedIn profile is unique to every individual and no one’s experience or skills are going to be the same. It is important to keep an eye on your profile and keep it up to date to share your ideas and experience with others. This Spring, review your LinkedIn profile to make sure it is the best representation of you.



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