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Three Phone Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Three Phone Interview Mistakes To Avoid

Often your first interview with a company will take place over the phone. As companies continue to adjust hiring strategies for the coronavirus outbreak, interviewing is looking a bit different. Many companies are opting for phone or virtual interviews while we all navigate the new normal. While phone interviews may bring less pressure, it is especially important to know how to conduct yourself in a professional manner over the phone, and how to avoid these top mistakes.


Not Being Prepared

A phone interview gives both you and the company a chance to introduce yourselves and it typically lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. An interviewer may ask a few simple questions to get to know you and then follow it up with more difficult to answer questions. Be prepared to answer in-depth questions about your experience and behavior-based questions during your phone interview. Even over the phone, an interviewer will be able to tell if you were prepared to speak with them. This is even a great opportunity to ask questions about the company, and it will show the interviewer that you did some research before the phone call. In doing so, it gives you the opportunity to learn more about the company and position before your interview and it shows you are eager about the position.


Not Taking Notes During the Interview

A common mistake made by a candidate during a phone interview is not taking notes. Even though the interviewer cannot see you, it doesn’t mean it is any less important than an in-person interview. Taking notes during an interview is a great idea. It allows you to go back and ask questions about previously discussed subjects as well as a reference during a second interview. By not taking notes, you lose the opportunity to go back and review everything that was brought up during the interview.


Talking in Public / Driving

Being distracted during an interview is a bad idea, so avoid doing your phone interview while in a public setting or while driving. An interviewer may be able to notice if you are talking to them while in public or driving. It may give the impression that the opportunity is not a priority. Not only can your surrounding affect and be distracting to you but it can be distracting the interviewer as well. When conducting a phone interview it is either best to do it at home or a quiet setting with very little distraction.

Every phone interview varies based on the company and position, but it’s important to treat it just like an in-person interview. Always try to avoid these common mistakes during your next interview and be sure to reach out to a recruiter if you need help on your job search.



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